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Prior to your surgery, your doctor will be able to give you a general scoliosis surgery recovery timeline. This will allow you to plan accordingly and help you focus more on healing rather than fixating on minor details. Depending on the complexity of your surgery, your doctor will decide how long you will need to remain in the hospital after surgery Scoliosis surgery recovery is a relatively long process - patients won't be able to go back to their normal activities until 3 to 6 months after the procedure. And because most of the patients who undergo scoliosis surgery are adolescents , parents often worry about how this recovery period will affect their child's life A key component of recovering from scoliosis surgery is pain management, but it requires balance. On one hand, pain must be kept under control to enable the patient to concentrate on tasks and move around, which helps the recovery process Recovering from Scoliosis Surgery as an Adult Recovering from Scoliosis Surgery Spinal fusion for scoliosis is typically classified as a major medical procedure that takes significant time from which to recover. In fact, most patients do not enter the full recovery zone until 6 to 12 months after their procedure Scoliosis Surgery Recovery: 3 Months Post-Operation and Beyond It should be reiterated that every patient is different, and no activity should be resumed without the doctor's permission. For example, using a hot tub or spa before getting medical clearance is especially risky because they are more likely to contain harmful and resistant bacteria

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It is difficult to predict the length of your recovery period and the amount of pain and discomfort you will feel after undergoing spinal surgery - these things vary greatly from one patient to the next. However, if you wish to speed up the recovery process and reduce any pain you're still experiencing, we at the Scoliosis SOS Clinic can help In general, you can do regular sports 3 to 6 months after surgery. Again it is important to follow your specialist's recommendations. Depending on your age you might be ready to return to work or school around 4 to 6 weeks after surgery. This timescale is different for each person Scoliosis Surgery Recovery - Introduction. Recovering fully from scoliosis surgery can take up to a year or sometimes two depending on how old you are when you have the surgery. The spine takes about a year to fuse and during this time it's important not to do anything that may damage the fusion as it takes such as impact sports or heavy lifting

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Scoliosis Surgery Recovery Timeline. Here's what you can expect (as per doctor's recommendations): 1-2 days after surgery: Patient can get out of bed and walk with assistance; 2-3 days after surgery: Patient can start eating more foods without feeling il What is the recovery time after Scoliosis surgery? First of all, this would really vary from person to person, and I think age is a huge factor. The younger you are at the time of surgery usually indicates a quicker recovery, however, everybody is different. For me personally, I was off school for around 12 weeks At Home: Scoliosis Surgery Recovery Helpful aids include an adjustable bed, shower chair, elevated toilet seat, and extended grasper are for use at home after surgery. Incision care — Patients may begin to shower one-week after surgery. Before showering, tape plastic wrap to cover the incision Recovery is the most important part of any surgery, and the same goes for recovery from scoliosis surgery. Learn about scoliosis surgery recovery and what to expect from a family who is enjoying life after their daughter's procedure Avoid anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) for six to 12 weeks or until your surgeon tells you it's safe to use them. NSAIDs include ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve, Naprosyn), meloxicam (Mobic), Celebrex and diclofenac. Leg pain usually gets better after surgery, but may not go away completely

Scoliosis surgery patients are usually advised to eat food that strengthens the bones, since it hastens the bone fusion process at the spine. Bone broth is the first, most effective meal you can have while recovering from a scoliosis surgery. Bone broth is usually made from boiling animal bones and connective tissues Long-term view toward recovery: Scoliosis surgery fuses vertebrae in the spine to both correct the curve and stop it from worsening. The 4- to 8-hour procedure typically involves placing rods, screws, wires or other surgical hardware in the spine to help keep it straight, while also using a bone graft to stimulate bone healing in the fused.

Prior to surgery, I had this idea that I would no longer be curvy and that I would come out like a brand new person. I thought the surgery would correct the curve and make me straight, just like everyone else. Unfortunately, surgery didn't change the fact that I have scoliosis, it simply tried to correct it I googled 'scoliosis post op recovery and found your website and your post. So reassuring to read you. Our teen boy (17) got his surgery 6 days ago (July 26th, 2019). We went trough a roller coaster of emotions. what a ride. But.. the surgery was a success and we are so relieve to see he is doing incredibly good Scoliosis Surgery Recovery As you prepare yourself mentally to undergo spinal surgery, you also need to prepare yourself for the recovery period that will follow your operation. While the surgery entails work on the part of the surgeon, after that, the brunt of the work is in your hands An exciting new approach to scoliosis is Anterior Scoliosis Corrective Surgery, otherwise known as VBT. This approach, begun nearly ten years ago, results in correction of progressive scoliosis and takes advantage of future growth to result in further correction of the scoliosis over time

Learn all about what Children's Hospital Colorado surgeons do during Scoliosis surgery to help straighten out spines and prevent the Scoliosis from returning

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Recovery from Scoliosis Surgery After scoliosis surgery, your child won't instantly be better and your curve won't instantly look better. He or she will most likely be out of bed within 24 hours on pain medications for 2 to 4 weeks. The incision should heal in at least 7 to 14 days, and the fusion should completely heal in at least 6 to 9 months If you had complicated surgery (taking six hours or more), be especially careful to follow your doctor's orders. The longer the surgery, the greater the risk of complications. Be on the alert for signs of infection. One of the more common complications of surgery for scoliosis is infection of the joints of the spine with acne bacteria With scoliosis surgery recovery, patients can expect to be in the intensive care unit for 1-2 days and then transferred to a hospital room for 5 to 7 days. Physical therapy is used to help rehabilitate the scoliosis after surgery and decrease recovery time. Warning - Video of Graphic Scoliosis Surgery Procedur

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I have back pain associated with my scoliosis. Will the surgery relieve it? Immediately after surgery, there will be more pain than before, but this usually resolves over a period of a few weeks to a few months. Most patients report that their back pain is better at one year after surgery than it was beforehand After your Spine Surgery. You will awaken in the intensive care unit (ICU) recovery room, where the nursing staff will monitor your condition, evaluate your ability to move, and review any sensations in your legs. Patients may feel groggy, thirsty, and/or cold, and have a sore throat, which are all normal effects of surgery and anesthesia

Surgeons recommend wearing braces for a few months during the scoliosis surgery recovery. Patients will be occasionally monitored with intermittent X rays even after one to two years until the bone fuses completely and becomes solid. Female patients can undergo normal delivery after undergoing the surgery Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery (MIS) Animation - Korea University Guro Hospital -서승우 - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQUZiLwW7mHUUs6ykoiJARwWhat.. Our candidates for muscle sparing, less invasive scoliosis surgery correction have a variety of scoliosis types. Most have idiopathic scoliosis (adolescent, juvenile, or some forms of adult), or idiopathic like (i.e., post-syrinx decompression). But we have also treated patients whose scoliosis is associated with a syndrome, a neuromuscular condition or is congenital Recovery from Scoliosis Surgery . After leaving the hospital and returning home, individuals are homebound and are not allowed to go into school, work, or engage in physical activity for approximately two weeks. This allows for an appropriate length of time to heal from invasive spinal surgery

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  1. Ideally to a scoliosis specialist, but at the very least to a PT knowledgeable about the spine. 1. Scoliosis Surgery is Major Surgery. In order to do scoliosis correction surgery, many muscles and other tissues need to be disrupted. Even though these structures heal, the surgery still takes a significant toll on them
  2. Scoliosis Surgery Recovery - Introduction Recovering fully from scoliosis surgery can take up to a year or sometimes two depending on how old you are when you have the surgery.The spine takes about a year to fuse and during this time it's important not to do anything that may damage the fusion as it takes such as impact sports or heavy lifting
  3. Later in the recovery process, you can start to consider your regular exercise routine. Many patients who undergo scoliosis surgery are able to maintain their usual lifestyle after the operation, but changes do sometimes need to be made to reduce pressure on the spinal area. Can you exercise after scoliosis surgery
  4. By the time she had her first visit with the scoliosis specialist she was referred to, Dr. Stephen Enguidanos of the Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery Center in Niceville, FL, - about a year after her initial diagnosis - Amanda's primary spinal curve had increased to 54 degrees and her compensatory curve to 46 degrees
  5. g to the success rate of a scoliosis surgery namely a spinal fusion, there are varied reports about the success rate. Surgery for scoliosis is a relatively successful treatment with very

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Every year, about 8,000 people who underwent this surgery in their youth for the correction of their scoliosis are legally defined as permanently disabled for the rest of their lives. Even worse, follow-up x-rays performed upon these individuals reveal that, an average of 22 years after the surgery was performed, their scoliosis has returned to pre-operative levels ³ Darci Manley has an awful lot to say about scoliosis diagnosis, surgery and recovery. Learn about finding a surgeon, preparing for surgery, kicking prescription pain pills, getting to physical therapy on time, and much more at scoligirl.com I've got scoliosis at a 65° angle and I'm having surgery sometime this spring. I had my tonsils removed when I was around 8 (I think) and that's the only surgery I've ever had. The one surgeon I met seemed very capable, he told me that these surgeries are super common, 4 a week on average, and in his 10 years of doing them nothing had gone wrong

After surgery for idiopathic scoliosis, it's time to focus on healing. By following these tips, you will set yourself up for a successful outcome after surgery. Top 2 Things to Know. A moderate or increased amount of back pain is expected after surgery. This will get better over the next four to six weeks After having surgery for scoliosis, patients notice that their posture has changed. You will be seen regularly in the outpatients clinic to make sure everything is going well with your recovery. If you notice any problems, it is important to let your surgeon know about them when you come in a journey through scoliosis surgery and recovery. Well, it's been a few weeks since I last posted. There have been many times that I have had very good intentions about posting, but circumstances have always interfered just as I've been about to sit down and start writin

If you just had, or about to have Scoliosis Surgery there are some common guidelines for your recovery at home. While all patients respond to surgery at a different pace and experience a varying level of severity of the condition, there are general things you can typically expect after surgery. Caring For Your Incision I Recovery after Scoliosis Spine Surgery. Presently scoliosis surgery is mostly done by minimally invasive method that reduces recovery time significantly. As every spine is individual, recover differs depending on surgery complexity, type of approach and other health factors After surgery, your parents can visit you in the recovery room until you're ready to be moved to your hospital room on the third floor for the rest of your recovery. In most cases, we are able to provide you a private room to give you privacy and comfort

Few publications in the literature examine enhanced recovery after scoliosis surgery (ERAS) in children, despite significant scientific interest in adults. The objective of the current study was to describe an ERAS protocol for surgical correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and its results Conservative treatment for scoliosis. The decision wether a scoliosis is treated conservatively (non-surgical) or with surgery is usually taken depending on the extent of the spine's deformity (measured with Cobb's angle), the location of the scoliotic curve on the spine, the patient's age and symptoms and the rate of progression of the scoliosis in time What Spinal Surgery Looks Like When It's Minimally Invasive Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery helps to correct an abnormal curve. During the surgery, the surgeon makes several small incisions along the back. He or she then inserts a device called a tubular tool. This lets the surgeon reach the spine with small tools Requiring hospitalization, the scoliosis surgery takes approximately six hours and is accompanied by a lengthy recovery process. Over the course of approximately a year, the patient's progress is closely monitored with periodic checkups, and his or her physical activity is strictly limited

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  1. Angela describes her life after scoliosis surgery and 20 years later. She now dedicates her life to educating patients with scoliosis. Contact Us. Scoliosis Research Society 555 East Wells Street, Suite 1100 Milwaukee, WI 53202 Phone: 414.289.9107 Fax: 414.276.3349 Email: info@srs.org Web: www.srs.org
  2. Full recovery from scoliosis surgery may take six months or more, depending on the extent of the curvature. Typically this is an inpatient surgery, requiring an overnight hospital stay. Franciscan Health offers rehabilitation and physical therapy after scoliosis surgery
  3. Strictly following your surgeon's physical therapy recommendations will not only quicken your scoliosis surgery recovery, but it will also increase your chances of a comfortable, active lifestyle in the long term. Final Thoughts. The road to recovery from scoliosis surgery can be challenging
  4. Spinal fusion recovery can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks up to 3 months, depending on your level of activity. Learn what to expect after different types of spinal fusion surgery, including cervical, lumbar, and spinal fusion for scoliosis
  5. Tag Archives: scoliosis surgery recovery. Mar 29. A Belated Three Month Update. Posted on March 29, 2012 by rightanglegirl. Standard. I really wanted to write a post when it was my three month post-op anniversary, which was over a couple of weeks ago now

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Scoliosis surgery recovery time. Full recovery from scoliosis surgery may take six months or more, depending on the extent of the curvature. Typically this is an inpatient surgery, requiring an overnight hospital stay. Franciscan Health offers rehabilitation and physical therapy Dr. Matthew Geck is a scoliosis surgeon and spine surgeon in Austin Texas. Dr. Geck is fellowship-trained and specializes in scoliosis surgery and spine surgery, Dr. Geck has been taking care of scoliosis in children and adults since 2002, he has treated patients throughout the state of Texas, from Houston to San Antonio to Austin to Round Rock to Waco, from Temple to to Abilene, from Dallas.

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Yes. Scoliosis surgery should not impact fertility, the ability to carry a baby safely to term or the ability to deliver a baby vaginally or by C-section. However, if your lower lumbar spine has been fused as part of your scoliosis surgery, it may not be possible to place an epidural catheter for pain control during delivery ¿Buscas Anna Scoliosis Surgery?, es un juego online de Princesas. ¡7.361 Partidas jugadas! Jugar a Anna Scoliosis Surgery es así de fácil. ¡Empieza ya

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Full recovery can take up to two years, but even if the surgery is successful, surgery is serious, and it impacts the way a person lives their life. Scoliosis Specific Exercise Based Treatment At Hudson Valley Scoliosis Correction Center, there is no watching and waiting to see what happens; we get to work Recovery from scoliosis surgery requires lot of lifestyle modifications and of course a lot of patience on the part of the patient as well as the support network that the patient has. Advertisement Immediately following scoliosis surgery, the patient will be put on pain medications with the help of a pain pump Unfortunately, scoliosis patients do not always travel this path with a full understanding of what it means. The Realities of Scoliosis Surgery. Spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis is far from a fix for the condition. However, it can stabilize the spine and halt the progression of an abnormal spinal curvature

During the procedure of scoliosis surgery, surgeons constantly want to make an incision on the upper body. It is seriously wonderful harm for the physique and recovery from scoliosis surgery desires a time frame and patience. It may require a handful of life style alterations. There are actually some strategies for any free recovery fro Background: Few publications in the literature examine enhanced recovery after scoliosis surgery (ERAS) in children, despite significant scientific interest in adults. The objective of the current study was to describe an ERAS protocol for surgical correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) and its results Through the process of scoliosis surgery, surgeons normally need to have to produce an incision around the upper body. It is actually really great damage towards the physique and recovery from scoliosis surgery requirements a time period and patience. It may require some lifestyle modifications. There are actually some strategies for any free of charg The recovery period for scoliosis surgery can vary greatly. Typically, you will stay in the hospital for three days or longer after your surgery, and receive oral or intravenous pain medications to help you manage the pain around the incision. Estimated Recovery Timeline

Scoliosis Handbook At its simplest, scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It looks like an S shape . There are four common types: Right thoracic curve - curve to the right (thoracic) upper back. Right thoraco-lumbar curve - curve bends to the right of the thoracic down to the lumbar (lower back). Right lum BACKGROUND: Posterior spinal fusion (PSF) for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) is associated with significant pain and prolonged hospitalization. There is evidence that early mobilization and multimodal analgesia can accelerate functional recovery and reduced length of stay (LOS). Using these principles, we implemented a quality improvement initiative to enable earlier functional recovery. During the procedure of scoliosis surgery, surgeons generally require to make an incision around the upper body. It is actually definitely terrific damage to the physique and recovery from scoliosis surgery demands a period of time and patience. It may require several life-style adjustments. There are some strategies for a no cost recovery from complication

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) Data in pediatric population remains very scarce.Therefore this study was designed to compare the outcomes after scoliosis surgery before and after ERAS (enhanced recovery after surgery) program inplementation in children and teenager Recovery from scoliosis surgery may require a few lifestyle changes--but above all, it takes time an..

Scoliosis surgery is a major surgery. All attempts are made to reduce the chances of any risks or complications of this surgery. Still, complications may occur in a few patients. Complications of scoliosis surgery may include paraplegia, excessive blood loss, infection and failure of the spine to fuse Throughout the procedure of scoliosis surgery, surgeons normally need to have to make an incision around the upper physique. It can be truly great harm for the physique and recovery from scoliosis surgery requires a time period and patience. It may demand several life-style adjustments. You will find some ideas for any totally free recovery The Sala Institute for Child and Family Centered Care offers additional services, education, and resources to help guide families through the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from pediatric scoliosis. Preparing for Surgery. If your child needs surgery for scoliosis, he or she may be cared for by a variety of specialists Full recovery can take months, however. If you are being treated with growing rods, each adjustment to the rods may require another surgery and recovery period. What are the risks of scoliosis surgery? Every surgery has risks, and these may be different for you than for someone else Scoliosis, an often painful curving of the spine, can manifest as a congenital defect, but it can also develop later in life due to poor muscle tone, injury and illness, notes MedlinePlus 1. Spinal fusion surgery can be completed on the curved spine, which effectively fuses the bones of your curved spine together for a straighter result

Scoliosis Surgery: What Scars And Recovery Look Like From A Real Patient's Point Of View Apr 14, 2014 12:46 PM By Susan Scutti Scoliosis, a sideways curve of the spine that may take the form of a letter C or S, is a common condition affecting many pre-teens and teens Dr. Weinstein scheduled Blaire for spinal surgery to correct her rapidly advancing scoliosis. On July 29, 2010, Dr. Weinstein performed a posterior spinal fusion surgery to correct Blaire's spinal curve and stabilize her spine. A series of rods and screws hold her vertebrae straight and have alleviated the deformities caused by scoliosis Home / Procedures / Scoliosis Surgery / scoliosis_surgery. Recent Posts. When is the Right Time to kyphoplasty balloon lower back pain mild Scoliosis minimally invasive back surgery osteoarthritis pinched nerve treatment recovery from back surgery Recovery from Spine Surgery sacroiliac joint fusion sacroiliitis Sciatica Scoliosis Scoliosis.

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Learn about how to properly take care of your teen's incision scar following scoliosis surgery The recovery period from scoliosis surgery is fairly predictable. The average length of stay is about four to five days in the hospital and length of time to recover to more functional daily activities is about four weeks. Return to full activities should occur about 3 to 6 months out from surgery Following surgery, it is important to ensure that the patient has normal sensation as soon as possible, as if the spinal cord has been damaged or compromised, remedial surgery (in the first instance to remove the metalwork) will be required urgently to maximise the chances of recovery or at least some improvement in function. 3 Hi all, I had scoliosis surgery in August, and was really quick to recover, walking 2 days after it and out of the hospital in just over a week. I went back to work and school after only 5 or 6 weeks, and felt overall quite healthy. The problem is: 1. I haven't had a period since the operation and I'm starting to get somewhat hormonal, moodswings and utter exhaustion What to Expect After Scoliosis Surgery. Once your child wakes up from surgery, you will meet the spine pain team of physicians, nurses and physical therapists who will begin Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) - a protocol created at Riley at IU Health

The surgery helps to not only straighten the curve, but can improve children's posture, fit of clothing, prevent back pain, and minimize other side effects of scoliosis. The spinal fusion recovery process can be difficult, as children may experience pain and find it hard to sit up, stand, and walk while recovering Depending on the extent of the surgery, some surgeons may prescribe a back brace to be worn for part of the recovery period..Scoliosis Surgery: Planning for Postoperative Care at Home.Scoliosis Surgery Recovery: At the Hospital (4 to 7 Days) Scoliosis Surgery Recovery: After Discharge (First 14 Days) 6 Weeks to 12 Weeks Post-Operation. At about six weeks, X-rays are taken to assess surgical. So, here we go. This is the story of my journey from surgery to recovery. Before I start, I'd like to say that this post isn't going to dress anything up or make the whole situation seem better or easier than it was. I intend on telling no lies. Being honest about this may be scary or worrying, but it's honestly the best thing you can hear Scoliosis surgery repairs abnormal curving of the spine Recovery after this surgery is often faster. Some surgeons do both of these approaches together. This is a much longer and more difficult operation. Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) is another technique. It is used for certain kinds of spinal curves

It can be helpful to have knowledge of exactly what to expect in the recovery period after scoliosis surgery; many patients have written blogs documenting their experience. There is more detailed information in the book, Scoliosis Surgery: The Definitive Patient's Reference, written by a scoliosis patient who underwent surgical management Next: Scoliosis surgery recovery. One family shares tips on how to make the spine surgery recovery process easier and what to expect from life after scoliosis surgery. Scoliosis surgery recovery. Patient success stories. From toddlers to teens, our patients with orthopedic conditions come in all ages,. Jun 18, 2019 - Explore Derenda Lofton's board SCOLIOSIS SURGERY on Pinterest. See more ideas about scoliosis surgery, scoliosis, surgery

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MyMediTravel currently lists 4 facilities in Turkey offering Scoliosis Surgery procedures - see above for the complete list, along with estimated prices. The price of a Scoliosis Surgery can vary according to each individual's case and will be determined based on your medical profile and an in-person assessment with the specialist Woman endures 7-hour scoliosis surgery, As the first 2 weeks of recovery passed, I felt better and better each day. Around 4 and a half weeks is when I really started feeling like my old self and was able to handle shopping trips and eating out comfortably Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that occurs most before puberty during the growth spurt. Most cases of scoliosis are mild. However, it can get more severe, particularly as children grow. People with severe scoliosis may need surgery to treat their condition. Scoliosis surgery is the most extensive type of treatment for scoliosis

Shorter recovery time with quicker return to daily activities, including work; Who are the ideal candidates for minimally invasive scoliosis surgery? Minimally invasive scoliosis surgery is not appropriate for every patient. It is usually used when scoliosis curvature lies in the thoracic spine Surgery recovery and scar formation varies some from person to person. If a tumor such as osteoid osteoma is the cause of the scoliosis, surgery to remove the tumor is generally able to correct the curve. People with degenerative scoliosis will often have more complaints of back pain and leg pain Idiopathic scoliosis is a common spinal deformity in which the spine becomes curved. Sometimes the curve must be fixed surgically and recovery can be long and painful. Historically, recovery in the hospital was five to seven days with slow rehabilitation and over reliance on IV opioids like morphine

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Scoliosis Surgery. scoliosis repair. Saved by Asha Clark. 21. Scoliosis Surgery Scoliosis Exercises Cauda Equina. Study objective: To investigate the effect of the intraoperative wake-up test on sevoflurane-sufentanil anesthesia for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) surgery. Design: Randomized, double-blind, parallel trial. Setting: Operating room. Patients: 30 ASA physical status 1 patients, aged 13 to 20 years, scheduled for AIS surgery

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Have something to motivate you. Try making your scoliosis surgery a project that you can do for school. Or focus on an activity you can get back to after you have recovered from surgery. I was told I had to stop dance and soccer for a while. So I was like, scared. It helps just knowing that you're going to have something you can go back to Surgery Overview. In spinal fusion for scoliosis, rods, hooks, wires, or screws are attached to the curved part of the backbone and the spine is straightened.Small pieces of bone, called grafts, are then put over the spine. Bone for grafts is often taken from the person's pelvic bone

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Surgery for Adult Scoliosis Surgery may be recommended when conservative treatments did not work and the spinal deformity is progressing or has caused serious complications. The goal of surgery for scoliosis is to correct the curve, halt its progression, and reduce pain and neurological symptoms What recovery is like after surgery Dr Smith has been a great support to my clinic and is an awesome resource for those looking at having surgery. He has done more scoliosis surgeries in Utah than any other surgeon Common variables that impact the average cost of scoliosis surgery include the surgeon, location of the surgery, whether or not there are complications that lengthen the surgery, the length of hospital stay, and the level of recovery care needed post-surgery

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Surgery may also be an option for adults diagnosed with scoliosis that suffer from chronic pain. Surgery is performed with an incision in the back and sometimes incisions will be made on the chest if the spine is rigid and stiff. Scoliosis surgery can be very complicated and the surgery usually takes multiple hours Scoliosis surgery recovery? I might have to have scoliosis surgery in a couple of months. I would be in the middle of my club volleyball season when i would be getting surgery. I want to know how long it would take for me to be able to play volleyball again after surgery About Scoliosis Surgery: Spinal Fusion Surgery for Scoliosis entails implanting implants such as screws, pins, wires, or sticks into the curved bones of the spine and straitening it. This can be followed closely by placing bone grafts within the backbone

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